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Advanced ThetaHealing®  

Advanced ThetaHealing®, published in 2009, is the follow-on book from ThetaHealing®.  Aimed at those who have mastered the basics of ThetaHealing®, this book contains many downloads, exercises and information designed to improve both your daily life and your ThetaHealing skills.




ThetaHealing® 7 Planes of Existence 

In this DVD Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing® talks in length about the foundation and beginning of ThetaHealing®. Vianna talks about the different planes of existence and explains how they all work together. While in her magical labryrinth, in her back yard, she shares with the viewers the essence of the work she has developed the last 15 years.
All the information found in this dvd is for educational purposes only. None of the information is intended for diagnoses, prescriptions or to replace medical advice or treatment.



Enlightenment DVD

In this Enlightenment DVD, Vianna explains her personal opinions and perspectives of theta brain waves and why they are so beneficial to ThetaHealing® as a healing modality, or just as a way to connect with The Creator of All That Is.Vianna will also briefly explain different activities that we do every day that will help put our brain in a theta state of mind with ease! Manifesting your dreams goals and desires has always been a very big part of ThetaHealing.

Compassion for one another is the key to success in obtaining your manifestations for yourself and or your clients. Whether it's a healthy body, more money or just a stronger connection to a higher power of your understanding, you will begin to see changes when we fill our beings with love, understanding and compassion. We believe that if we all learn how to truly appreciate and love unconditionally, we would find inner joy and peace and always stay connected to the Creator of All That Is, through this ThetaHealing® technique.



Digging and Beliefwork DVD

This ThetaHealing® Digging and Belief Work DVD features one of the Techniques ThetaHealing® is most known for. In this DVD Vianna explains different examples of how to use the digging technique on different situations and make powerful changes in your life. All the information found in this DVD is for educational purposes only! None of the information is intended for diagnoses, prescriptions or to replace medical advice or treatment.  



Manifesting Training DVD 

In this DVD, Vianna shares her secrets on how to manifest in your life, how to clear blocks that may be preventing you from manifesting all that you want. The DVD contains excerpts from a live "Manifesting & Abundance" class as taught by Vianna and is ideal for those who have read the Introduction and Advanced books or who are already Certified ThetaHealing Practitioners.  This DVD is intended as a supplement to, and not a replacement for attending a Manifesting course with a Certified Instructor.




A Year of Practicing ThetaHealing®

This book contains a year's worth of Theta exercises that you can do on your own or within a group. With one for each exercise for each week of the year, you can undertake focused Theta work to constantly and consistently improve your life. The book also contains suggestions on how to use these exercises within a group context and provides guidelines for anyone who wants to set up and run their own study group. 



A Second Year of Practicing ThetaHealing® 

A Second Year of Practicing ThetaHealingprovides practitioners of Theta with fifty new lessons for practicing ThetaHealing on their own or with others. Building on the material in its predecessor A Year of Practicing ThetaHealing, this second book takes the practitioner to a deeper level, addresses chronic issues, and looks in depth at blocks to manifesting. 149 pages.This is Terry O'Connell's second book in the series.